Established in 2006, Hiknow English is a creative education organization, integrading English Education with Internet High-tech perfectly. It's now recognized as the most famous Online English Education Organization in China, helping millions of people worldwide to achieve their successful English-learning experience every year。
资质证明For Chinese students, English language skills are the key to their future success. They are eager to learn English, and learning English online is the fastest way for most of them to reach their potential in work and study. This allows Hiknow English to recruit the best and the most ESL teachers to teach English online。

Fight no traffic, grade no papers, but enjoy your own flexible time by making money from the comfort of your own home. Hiknow English is a magic online classroom for all ESL/EFL teachers!。

Hiknow English always devotes to the optimization of curriculum system, online teaching platform and quality of service, in order to guarantee the learning outcomes of learners and the teaching incomes of teachers. At present, Hiknow English has set up departments as Teaching Research, Teaching Administration, Technical Support, Software Development, Kids English Course, Marketing and Enterprise Management。
As a most recognized online English education organization in China, Hiknow English can contribute to your teaching career growth and learn more about Hiknow's commitment to teacher training and development. Hiknow provides all materials, class arrangements, technical support and other detailed little things for all ESL teachers at Hiknow, so youcan focus on settling into your new adventure online teaching English

Why Join Us?

Make money from the comfort of your own home。
Set your own hours。
Own your own business while delivering a needed service。
 Learn valuable skills。
 Make a difference in the online learning revolution。
Join a young passionate team who love challenges。
 Enjoy more time with your family and give yourself a raise。
2010 Shanghai Social Field Informatization Sponsored Program
上海市第一批社会领域信息化资助项目With the development of Hiknow English, we've been attracting great attention. In 2010, Government has done a research to the curriculum, faculty, software, technology, service and other aspects of Hiknow English. After the overall investigation and comprehensive voting, Hiknow English has been certificated as an enterprise of 2010 Shanghai Social Field Informatization Sponsored Program。
Shanghai "Double-soft" Software Certification
上海市双软认定企业In June 2011, Hiknow technology has been granted the Shanghai "Double-soft" Software Certificate. "Double-soft" means the identification of a software enterprise and the registration of a software production. This Software Certificate proves the hard work of all Hiknow staff, and encourages us to devote more to English education field。
Member of Shanghai Software Industry Association
上海市软件行业协会会员单位In 2011, Hiknow English joined the Shanghai Software Industry Association, being an honored member. We are going to do more professional work to promote the development of software industry with the Government's support。
Hiknow English believes: No matter in which way, education is a responsibility at first, and then it is a brand。

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