Hiknow Events Chronicle

  • Jun 2011 More than 300,000 users have registered at Hiknow, and more than 150,000 learners are enjoying their learning time here. Hiknow has a great reputation as one of the most online English education organization。
  • Apr 2011Hiknow Mini Notes makes its debut. Both teachers and learners can take notes and share their thoughts with others。
  • Dec 2010 Hiknow has completed the fourth update, optimizing listening and learning experience。
  • Nov 2010 Hiknow has updated the curriculum system. English salon and course recording functions are now available, which strengthens learning effect and humanized service。
  • May 2010 Hiknow is awarded special fund of Internet industry from Shanghai Government。
  • Apr 2010 Hiknow offline activity, "Pleasure of Learning" Ceremony, makes a great succeed. This activity bonds Hiknow with learners more tightly.。
  • Apr 2010Hiknow Hunan Branch Company is established in Changsha。
  • Mar 2010Hiknow Technology Research and Development Center is established in Shanghai。
  • Jan 2010Hiknow has completed the third update. Some systematic details has been optimized in order to enhance better user experience。
  • Jan 2010Hiknow Annual Banquet is held in Shanghai International Hotel.。
  • Nov 2009Hiknow is granted as the trusted enterprise by Internet Trading Assurance Center。
  • Jul 2009American prominent teacher Max opens a course named Global English WorkShop, helping learners to acquire more knowledge of western culture and obtain a broad horizon in business field。
  • Jun 2009Hiknow Young Learners English Course makes its appearance, which announces that Hiknow officially hits the young learners English market.。
  • May 2009More than 100,000 users have registered at Hiknow, and more than 60,000 learners have been enjoying their English-learning experience here。
  • May 2009Hiknow Customer Service is established in Shanghai, providing more professional and efficient service for customers。
  • Feb 2009Shanghai Science and Technology Committee visits Hiknow, and gives affirmation and support for what Hiknow has done for English education in China。
  • Jan 2009 Hiknow cooperats with Alipay, becomes the trusted enterprise of Alipay, and offers more stable and efficient payment service for learners。
  • Nov 2008Hiknow has completed the second update. New functions as course reservation and group discussion have been added to the system. What's more, the voice quality is highly promoted during this update。
  • Oct 2008Hiknow starts using dual-thread server for the convenience of Netcom users.。
  • Mar 2008Xinmin Evening News reports the creative pattern of Hiknow online English education, and gives highly comment on Hiknow。
  • Dec 2007Hiknow English courses has been updated. Old courses have been perfected, and new courses as Universal Daily English and Competence Developing Course have been added to the curriculum system。
  • Sep 2007Hiknow first anniversary. Hiknow is proud to announce that it has more than 20,000 registered users and more than 3,000 English learners are learning English at Hiknow。
  • Jun 2007Hiknow has completed the first update. Online payment protocols with EChinabank and Alipay is signed。
  • Jan 2007Chinese famous news media, Sina and Sohu, report Hiknow Online English Education, and give high regard to Hiknow。
  • Dec 2006Hiknow cooperates with Shanghai Times on Trial Lessons of Online Class. More thank 1,000 people participate in this online activity in a week。
  • Sep 2006Hiknow English makes its debut in Shanghai, and www.hiknow.com makes its first appearance online。

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