Basic Phonetics

Phonetics is always regarded as the key to learn any language. Every English beginner would like to havecorrect and authentic pronouncication. Each one of them doesn't want to be misguided. Only professional foreign teachers can help them to speak like a native speaker。

Basic Grammar

Hiknow elementary grammar course helps students to acquire essential English grammar knowledge, some fundamental words and phrases as well as the ability to make simple coversations by lots of interactive exercises in class. Focusing on the comprehensive study of English, Hiknow has helped millions of English learners and has provided millions of job opportunities for ESL teachers worldwide。


  • Using Be
  • Using Be And Have
  • Using The Simple Present
  • Using The Present Progressive
  • Talking About The Present
  • Nouns And Pronouns
  • Count And Noncount Nouns
  • Expressing Past Time
  • Expressing Future Time
  • Expressing Ability
  • Advice;Ncessity;Requests;Sugges-tions
  • Nouns And Modifiers
  • Possessives
  • Making Comparisons
  • Regular Verbs
  • Listening Script

Beginner Course Target

Problems to be solved

Mute English

4 to 8 students in one class. Professional ESL teachers. Online English learning and teaching helps to diffuse the tension. Say goodbye to Mute English。

Easy to give up

Learners can grasp what they learned in class and feel the improvement. A sense of achievement plus with a convenient learning access enables Elementary learners to persevere with a light heart。

Anxious for success

English beginners are suggested not to be absent from classes. Hiknow English beginner courses are perfect for elementary learners and some after-class exercises will also help a lot。

Afraid of English words

Beginners can accumulate a large amount of vocabulary in the grammar course and they can interact with the teacher to improve their spoken English。

Targets to be achieved

Standard Pronunciation

Students can learn abundant words and phrases in grammar classes.Beginners only need to pick up words in grammar classes and pratice words via interactive courses,in order to gain English language skills easily。

Basic grammar

The systematic and comprehensive grammar instruction enables learners get the necessary knowledge to communicate. The follow-up courses will be more specific and detailed to intensify learners' operational ability。

Basic vocabulary

English beginners can acquire abundant words and phrases by interactive exercises in class. Hiknow will help learners gradually develop a good sense of language. The follow-up courses provide numerous topics for learners to practice and expand their vocabulary。

Speak and express

Hiknow English learners are taught in an interactive way. The interaction with the teacher will eliminate learners' tension of speaking English. The follow-up study enables them to use more complex sentences and expressions in their daily life conversations。

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