Specific Levels of Daily English

  Suitable Learners Course Target Course Features
Daily English (Level 1)
  • Suitable Learners:Learners with basic skills of English, but haven't got CET-4 certificate and dare not speak because of limited vocabulary
  • Course Target:The course enables learners to understand simple daily English sentences, and answer simple questions with useful sentence patterns. Learners can make simple conversation with people about their basic information, hobbies, leisure activities and some other topics in daily life
  • Greeting and Intros;
  • Countries and Nationalities;
  • Interesting Product;
  • Activities and Interests;
  • Person to Person;
  • Home Sweet Home……
Daily English (Level 2)
  • Suitable Learners:Learners who understand simple English when people talk slowly and clearly, who can talk slowly about daily topics but can not speak with foreigners directly, who have got CET-4 certificate but not familiar with spoken English for lack of practice
  • Course Target:This course enables learners to express their opinions and thoughts, and maybe make suggestions under general circumstances (restaurant, hotel, journey, hospital, etc.)。
  • Describing People;
  • Feeling and Emotions;
  • Pets and Animals;
  • Bedroom and Bathroom;
  • Jobs and Occupations;
  • Communications……
Daily English (Level 3)
  • Suitable Learners:Learners who have got CET-6 certificate and can communicate with foreigners on daily topics, looking forward to a substantive improvement for their daily English
  • Course Target:This course enables learners to communicate with foreigners fluently, having no problems to discuss any daily topics with foreigners
  • People In My Life;
  • My Memories;
  • Food We Like;
  • A Detective Is On The Case;
  • Mysteries Of The World;
  • Modern Family Trends……
Daily English (Level 4)
  • Suitable Learners:Learners who can understand foreigners with standard speaking speed, but hoping for indepth communications
  • Course Target:This course enables learners to communicate with foreigners fluently and discuss indepth topics without many grammar mistakes。
  • The Physical World;
  • Using The Land;
  • The Human Body;
  • Describing Appearances;
  • Personality And Character;
  • Residences;
  • Health And Illness……
Daily English (Level 5)
  • Suitable Learners:Learners who are looking forward to express themselves more authentically and professionally。
  • Course Target:This course enables learners to completely understand foreigners with medium speed, and can systematically express their thoughts and opinions. Having finished this course, learners can get quite used to their lives overseas。
  • Natural Disasters;
  • Do You Know What To Do;
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do;
  • An Ideal Date;
  • Where Would You Go;
  • Trips & Travel Plans……
Daily English (Level 6)
  • Suitable Learners: Learners who have already obtained the ability to make effective conversations of different topics with foreigners, who can talk deeply in authentic English under certain topics, and who are eager to communicate smoothly and freely with others in daily life or in business field
  • Course Target: Hiknow will provide learners with real-life corpus and share the elite learning skills. Learners will learn to summarize the English word-formation rules to enhance their learning efficiency. This course covers about 5,000 core words and their respective derivational usage which will help remove any oral English obstacles
  • NumberAnd Shape;
  • Publishing And Media;
  • Political And Public Institutions;
  • Crime;
  • Purchase, Sale And Payment;
  • Global Issues……
Daily English (Level 7)
  • Suitable Learners: Learners who can carry out in-depth conversation under different topics with foreigners, who learn more about American and European culture, and who wants to communicate with others with more authentic and more professional expressions。
  • Course Target: At this level, learners can enhance their comprehensive ability of listening, speaking, reading and translation. learners can have a good command of English and talk freely with English speakers. This course aims to help learners reach the level of simultaneous interpretation and will be able to handle interpretation works in events like negotiation concerning foreign affairs projects, high-level conferences, press conferences and some international seminars 。
  • Foreign Project Negotiations;
  • High-level Meeting;
  • Press Conference;
  • International Symposium;
  • Containers And Hold Objects……

Teaching Materials of Daily English

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