Tourism English

Hiknow Tourism English covers many topics concerning traveling like travel scheduling for guests, city traffic introduction, complaints acceptance and handling and seeing guests off at the airport, etc. students will also learn to express some topics related to history, culture, religion and society as well as some hot ones like China's entry into the WTO, Beijing's success with the 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai's 2010 World Expo。

  • 1. All Hiknow Tourism English courses adopt the small class teaching form so that students and teachers have more chances to interact. Students can experience real tourism scenes and study more professionally by role playing and case study。

  • 2. Hundreds of tourism topics accompanied with words, dialogues, culture notes and key sentence pattern usage expansion can help students grasp each topic and apply flexibly in real life。

One Meeting Guests at the Airport
At the Immigration Office
At the Customs Office
Hello! Welcome to China!
Helping with Lodging
Foreign Currency Exchange
Itinerary Planning
Antiques and Ancient Furniture
Folk Handicrafts
City Sightseeing
Deluxe City Tours
Business Tours
Industrial Tours
Leisure and Recreation
Indoor Sports
Water Sports and Seaside Games
Tourist Events and Festivities
"New Beijing, Great Olympics"
"Better City, Better Life"

Foreign Trade English

Foreign Trade English involves topics of business relationship establishment, trade fair, company introduction, guests reception, product introduction, inquiry making and offering, counter-offering, order placing, packaging, shipment, insurance, payment, contracting, commodity inspection, compensation and arbitration and so on。

  • 1. All Hiknow Foreign Trade English courses adopt the small class teaching form. Students and teachers have more chances to interact with each other. Students can experience real foreign trade scenes and study more professionally by role playing and case study。

  • 2. There are hundreds of foreign trade topics which are made up by business knowledge, dialogues, language usage enlargement and profession expanding. It suits well for on-the-job international business workers to gain some relative knowledge。
Establishment of Business Relations
Explaining Your Job
Relationship in Business
Trade Fair
On-site Service
Prepare Your Trade Show Display
Company Introduction
Describing Graphs
Introducing Your Company
A Factory Tour
Entertaining Clients
Business Entertaining Skills
Inquiries and Offers
Giving Numbers
Writing a Business Lette
Barriers to Successful Negotiation

Hotel English

Hiknow Hotel English course includes three progressive professional English training parts. It concerns mainly with English for hotel staff, introduction of hotel core function and its subordinate functions as well as management and operation of hotels。

  • 1. Small class teaching enables students more chances to communicate with each other. They can experience a real-life hotel English application scene and can study more professionally by role playing and case study。

  • 2. Each hotel English class contains some hotel topics including hotel management, culture of English-speaking countries and so on. Our professional service can help hotel staff improve their comprehensive ability in their work。

Breaking the Ice
Past Experiences
Career Goals
Industry Savvy
Position Savvy Strengths
Strategic Thinking
Problem Solving,Analysis
Ability to Work with Others
Meeting Deadlines
Business Travel and benefits
Lacking Experience
Dealing with Conflict Handling Crises
Past Career Baggage
Taking Risks

Other Specialized English

  • Most companies require high level English ability for their staff. But not many staff gain a thorough understanding of industrial English, and they can not express ideas in their work accurately and professionally

  • Hiknow Industrial English provides students with small class teaching model, and students can have enough interaction with others. And they can experience a real-life English application scene and can study more professionally by role playing and case study。

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