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You’ll be in either of the modes if you’ve got the permission to speak , then please click
the icon on the top right
①、Safe audio mode:
When your user icon is white or the mic icon on the top right is, your voice will not
be heard.
②、Immediate audio mode:
When your user icon is yellowor the mic icon on the top right turns,you’ll be heard.
During actual operations, the teachers may directly set you in immediate audio mode. For example, when a teacher is to ask you a question:
He would directly switch your mode from safe to immediate,hen you can speak without any other operations when your
user icon turns yellowor the mic icon on the right top becomes.
When you’ve finished speaking, the teacher may switch you back to the safe mode.
If you’ve been switched back to the safe mode but still have questions to ask, please click the mic
icon on the top right,and you’ll be heard only when your user icon becomesor your user’s name in the list
turns yellow.

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