• There are four different steps to the recruitment process:

  • 1. Send Resume

  • If you are interested in teaching English online with Hiknow, please send your resume to recruit@hiknow.com. Let us know your basic information, education background, working experience, skilled courses and available time to teach online

  • 2. Online Interview

  • If you are qualified for the job, we will ask you some questions via Email or phone, and may arrange an online interview with you as soon as possible. Please noted that it may take some time for us to arrange all the work

  • 3. Demo Recording

  • In order to become a teacher at Hiknow, you'll have to record teaching Demo (Trial Teaching). We will provide all the materials and technical support. And in this way, you will get familiar with Hiknow-developed online teaching software

  • 4. Start Work

  • After successfully passing the above process, you will be ready to start to work. We will arrange classes according to your specialities and schedule


jason I love teaching English, but hate the hassles and brutal hours and the papers-grading. With Hiknow, I have so much free time, and I know what it feels like when I am really looking forward to working!
jimmy The coolest thing about Hiknow is that I can teach online whenever and wherever I want.
karen I used to work as a HR in a big company, and now I get paid to teach spoken English to Chinese friends about human resources. It makes me happy
Greace This is great fun. And I do learn a lot.。
liviaI love teaching English at Hiknow. Nothing makes me happier than the moment when I see my students, once unable to understand one English word, capable to manage real-life situations in English
braceI like it! The eagerness and enthusiasm of younger students has always been my favourite!
robinThe salary is ok. More importantly, teaching is probably the most rewarding from a personal angle. I will keep on doing it, and I hope my students will always love me, too。
judyI like communicate with my students. I like to see their enthuastic eyes when they keen to learn something new and when the try what they have learnt. It is great to be a teacher because you always communicate with young generation. It means you never get older
CathyI've been teaching English in Korea for over ten years. It's my first time to teach online. It's a great opportunity.
vikingFinally, I got a job to work from home!!
levanaIt's really a big step to teach online from teaching in classroom. Not having my students sitting in front of me, it's strange at the first place. But now I just love it. It's really more convenient and also efficient
AndrewHmmm...It does help to save money on commuting costs. Most importantly, I can stay home with my kids, I can set my own schedule, I can work within the comfort and privacy of my home, I have greater freedom and independence...
BonnieIt's really amazing to reach students from across the globe, students who may not have the time to take a regular course, or don't usually have native English speakers to talk to.
AliceWell, dealing with time zone differences can be a little tricky..
BarretHiknow does have a great online platform. I have great times with my students. I do hope I can help more students to improve their English skills.

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